Snow Songs: A Sounds and Tones Records Holiday Compilation

by Sounds and Tones Records

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Euan Murphy
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Euan Murphy Happy to be a part of this compilation! Some really talented artists. Favorite track: Waste Our Time.
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Snow Songs: A Sounds and Tones Holiday Compilation is a compilation of winter and holiday themed songs to benefit Erika's Lighthouse, a non-profit that supports youth with depression and mental illness and their families.

All profits from the album will be donated to Erika's Lighthouse. Educational Materials will also be distributed by Sounds and Tones with all of their merchandise. Also, Sounds and Tones artist, A Day Without Love, is holding a fundraiser of his own to benefit Erika's Lighthouse. You can donate through this album or on his page, and the money will go to Erika's Lighthouse!


released December 15, 2015

Album Cover 1 Designed by Drew Moro
Album Cover 2 Designed by Ian Hitt



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Track Name: I Am The Only - Waste Our Time
Wasting time in our winter clothes, keep the pacing slow
Hot on the heels of nights I've slept through
Fill the space in our empty hands, I never wanted to be that
You questioned my colours, I promise it rang true

Trick myself into thinking of all the ways we could start this
Deep in the knowledge that all this time I had my chances laid out in rows, neatly organised
I just wanted to wander, but never explained why

Is this what we wanted?
Hold back the words I'll never say
Been taking this for granted
Our frozen footsteps mark the way to the end of the road, it seems
But I swear we can make it out of this

Dig my fingers down into my splintered, broken ribs
A cage that I'll keep all of my thoughts trapped in
Cos if they escape and I succeed, I'll no longer want this now I'm free
And you will be hurt more than I have ever been

I'll pray that this selfish figment branches out
But I have spent all my days waiting for another night, where we can waste our time again
Block it out, and be your friend
But there's a question in my throat, 'Is this right?'
Is this right?
Track Name: War Games - Foundation
I fell asleep,
underneath the ceilings and the words you said to me.
Make this place,
to which you call your home your heart,
but don't be like the trees,
I know your roots run deep.
Don't hesitate to pick up everything and just leave...

This house is nothing to pull your hair out about,
it's just walls and insulation...

We're buried under stress that has consumed our house,
we've held it up for years and now it's crashing down.
But I'm not giving up I'm gonna dig it out,
just breathe.

Pushing through debris ,
the dust has settled now.
We're starting over new,
we'll build a stronger house.
And now I promise you,
we're gonna make it out,
just breathe.

If home is where the heart is,
then what's beating in my chest?
I won't be tearing down the wall paper,
until I'm proudly layed to rest.

This house is nothing to tear your heart out about,
it's just my home my foundation

We played the lottery everyday,
so the bank wouldn't take our home away.
Foreclose on our childhood memories,
but we were no match.
And like the warm summer grass,
underneath our feet we never seemed to last,
up against the cold New England winter.

Don't hesitate,
just pick up everything,
and just leave
Track Name: A Day Without Love - Wintertime Depression
Holidays are not the same

My family’s gone

And my friend’s at war

I’ve got no one

I feel so numb

Where’s my heart

It’s frozen cold

How could anyone care

When they’re numb

We have no one

We feel alone

And we’ve lost our tradition

And we’ve lost our faith(x2)

Holidays are not the same

My family’s gone

And my friend’s on tour

I’ve got no one

I’ve been numb

Where’s the feelings

They’ve been lost in stores

Sales and discounts

And material galore

No one ever seems to care

And we’ve lost our tradition

And we’ve lost our faith(x2)