I Am Walking Away

by Francesca Shanks

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Francis McGinnis
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Francis McGinnis A writer's lyricist. Though her voice is oh so lovely and the music is oh so swell, it's the lyrics that keep you listening. Favorite track: Stone Baby.
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    The album "I Am Walking Away" by Francesca Shanks, released Nov. 4, 2016 by Sounds and Tones Records.

    All songs by Francesca Shanks. Produced by Lance Monotone. Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.

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The album "I Am Walking Away" by Francesca Shanks, released Nov. 4, 2016 by Sounds and Tones Records.

Release date:
4 November 2016


released November 4, 2016

All songs by Francesca Shanks. Produced by Lance Monotone. Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.



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Track Name: Other Moccasin
First, you die quiet/then you die loud/your blood cells unfurling/the tears flowing out/if living is a scythe/that waits to clamp down/whether we know it we’re waiting for blood in our mouths
And I’ve kept trying but there’s nothing that counts/and I’ve spent my life/with my heart in my mouth/life’s a Wolf Island/waiting to clamp down/there’s too much love and too much fucking around
Say goodbye to the good times/As they pass without sound/Don’t sit and worry about the blackness that surrounds/Keep it inside now, there’s nothing that counts/Whether we know it we’re waiting for the pages to get ripped out.
Track Name: Please Forgive Me
Please forgive me for planting invasive purple flowers in your front yard, and your side yard, and your back yard/Please forgive me for planting invasive purple flowers in your side yard and your neigbor’s weeds/I’ll forgive you for taking something from me I can’t name yet/I’ll forgive you for planting all your seeds too deep to grow
I’ll forgive you, you’ll forgive me/When we see each other it’ll be easy/it’ll be easy/it’ll be easy
Please forgive me/For peppering your lonely life with a happy memory/sorry…
Track Name: End of Line
You get no gold at the end of the line/My toe in the water and gold strands of time/You can only push your way through your own life/I love always saying goodbye
And repeating is magic and magic is time/my heart will drift back together if the breaking is mine/I love always saying goodbye/and it’s always time
OH but the pleasure of walking through old streets of old lives/OH but the lies you tell yourself, a slanted line/OH but the sword swallowed years ago slides/Let’s pack up, let’s lock up, let’s never cry.
Track Name: Wild Ponies Make Annual Swim to City
I saw god’s eye through a brown mane/We will push through pussywillows, wet mud, break/Into a sidestroke /when our hooves graze stone
I saw the moon in a dark eye/We’ll cut through marsh until we hit the double-current that will take us/where we need to go/I know it’s there/I’ve been here a thousand times before
Baby, hang on to me/Four legs can do more than what they say/Baby, hang on to me/I’m a stronger swimmer, getting stronger every day
When we get to the dry-bark landing,/Lit by shards from stars we won’t see/We’ll graze, we’ll stop and stare for a moment, then leave
Baby, hang on to me/I saw god die in a wordless dream/I saw the messenger/Sitting on a rock poking out of the sea
Baby, hang on to me/God is a dark eye that wakes in you/Baby, get moving/Double-current press against me/Double-current roll me down the water set me free
I saw a message in the leaves wasting/Their wet words chafe on me/Baby, hang on to me/Whisper a secret to the dark part of me.
Track Name: Truer Omen
The fingers that took you toward writing these missives/are dry-packed and shipped through the night/appearing on their collector’s doorstep as if by a dusty spirit, climbing the stairs to look at the clouds’ eyes/your hair, each strand golden and gray at the same time/will become bracelets, rosaries for your disciples/there’s nothing they can’t extract or cut into/you’re meat for the masses, sputtered and straight through/we like to carry smooth stones, talismans, beads and bones/we like to put power on a shelf or a pocket/we like omens from birds that fly over as we’re walking/we need confirmation that this is all real/it’s not some lonely dimension/your body is the best omen some of them will ever feel.
Track Name: Stone Baby
Stone baby, bone bruise and scrape/Another kind of black bile/Stone baby/cracks that give way/burning sun and stuck pine
Stone baby/rock hard ending prayer/calcium, softly/teeth, toenails and hair/syrup cough/county fair
Goodbye, I am feathers, I am stream, I am latex/Goodbye, I am oil in a drain
Stone baby, I am leaving, I am walking away/Ten years, I am leaving, I am walking away/I am spandex, muddy river, finger break/Stone baby, barren dreams/ending here/wide awake.
Track Name: Blur
The blue-black part of night/belongs to birds that fly/like a curtain looking down for specks we take for granted/one body and mind/one way to cover ground
And that night is breathed in/quiet, large, and looming/scattered inside me looking for something, looking to click in
It’s deep and quiet in moments I’ve known/outside all that pins me to a world that loathes and lurches along
I want feathers imprinted in my skin/after laying too long on asphalt streets/dreaming.
Track Name: Turn From Bone
We are crumpling up our dreams/Paper temples and braids/We are waiting for the right time, we are looking for a trade/We are wishing on the main line/No more envelopes for different things
Nature makes as much as it needs/But my cells are crying/The grit that turned from bone, the night and neurons calcifying/Bite your teeth down on what you made/keep it safe, keep it laid out like a blanket under your name/A private beach in a dream where you sit and wait/The returning disease sits on your shoulder/Weak moments, green clovers, split hay/Still true sober/Smoke and smolder/The grit that turned from bone blows away.
Track Name: Walk Alone
And now I know/how the four different roads in the crossroads go/but I still don't want to walk alone, no
Sister science, wringing hands researched/finding an exit is sure an awful lot of work/our lady of the lay of the land/goes from bow to proverbial stern/and though I know the way know/there's many ways to learn
I am never going left, or right, or up, or down again/I am never going east or west or from side to side again/that red cardinal who tapped on your window/he is not your friend/and just because I have been there/doesn't mean I'm going there again.
Track Name: August
Your welcome always runs out/as does your ability to welcome him in/you touch the gray sky with your fingertips/or you wish you did
You can’t seem to count the crickets/or make sense of all the nature they’re in/you sleep in boxes, cars, and parking lots/or you dreamed you did
And giving is no easy game/And you want to give to him/you touched his ancient heart with your future kiss/or you think you did.